Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Start a Small Business—II


 ~ Stop me if you've heard this one:
How do you make a small fortune?
Easy—just start with a large one.
Teamwork cartoon
So how do you make a small business? Have a team made of those who work together and support each other.

Building a good team is hard, however, and it is easy to make the mistake of hiring the wrong person. In the early days that can sink a company. That's one reason companies often bring people on as contractors or consultants in the early stages. You can try people out and see how they do, and how well they fit. Or not. Business owners retain the flexibility of increasing or decreasing hours or  adjusting responsibilities. If all goes well, maybe hire them.

Do you have or want to make a small business, and are unsure how to put your team together? Contact me.


  1. A great post Chris. To many people don't see the value in dating before they get married. That's a great graphic BTW. :)

  2. I like the analogy to dating and marriage. Thanks for commenting!